Open Letter – Recording Scores in Martial Activites

To Whom It May Concern,

I am Lord Cameron de Grey of Atlantia, with distant roots in An Tir. I write to you now to make a humble request. Following a meeting regarding the Valiance Proposal at Pennsic 47, it came to light that there are some local groups and or Kingdoms that are not recording attendance at martial, and potentially other, activities. I write now in reference to the former. My words are of a concerned individual, and represent no group or body. My words may not be poetic or even complete, with are sincere in spirit, and written while the iron is hot.

What are the potential benefits?

Numbers. Many people show up at practices and events, but we don’t always know how many. If we start tracking and gauging, our marshals can make more informed decisions about creating space for that martial activity. We can track year over year growth or shrinkage. Are people migrating from one martial activity to another? Picking up a second or third? Is there a new activity that needs local group support due to growth?

Autocrats can benefit. We can take numbers to autocrats and make a case as to expected numbers, and space requirements. In some cases there may not be a push to have a particular activity. One can make the case that a budding Barony needs to promote a martial skill because there are a few participants, but could grow if assisted. The more we talk to autocrats and communities, the better we represent our communities, and the staff recognize and respect same.

We can map and gauge activities across the known world. Is there thrown weapons in Lochac? Darts in Artemisia? If not, why not? Are there emissaries in one Kingdom that can reach out and assist another? In this way I hope it will open lines of communications across sympathetic disciplines.

What will it require from marshals and staff?

The basics:

  • Each event or practice will require a sign in sheet.
  • At the end of each practice or event, the ‘scores’ will need to be entered.

If there is a Royal Round, or other kind of competition, of course the scores would need to be entered, but for general participation, the ‘score’ would be zero. It may even require the creation of recording methods. These are not insurmountable issues by any stretch. Yes this creates more ‘paperwork’. I think the amount of work is minimal compared to the benefits, but the final decision of course, is yours. Though I cannot promise the work of others, a solution already exists, and could well be modified to suit.

In closing, the benefits listed above may or may not impact you depending on how you currently track, and the level of participation. What it will do is allow the Society, and martial activities to see across the known world, in one place, who is doing what, and where. I cannot take credit for the idea, but I deeply believe in the benefits. Whatever form this takes, at the end of the year, you will have substantive numbers to reflect on, and share. This is not a solution for promoting specific martial activities, but by tracking, we can make informed decisions, and better promote the things we love.

It is my sincere hope this letter starts a conversation, with a productive end. Lets get, and share these numbers!

Update: a short 8 question poll has been added to help shape the scope of the conversation.

YIS respectfully,

Lord Cameron de Grey

Or, on a bend purpure between a wheel of cheese and a squirrel sable, three pheons palewise Or

Master of All, Master of None – Valiance Virtues

Omnibus Proposal Flag
Omnibus Proposal Flag

Thinking about the the call for commentary from the B.o.D. I had this running around my head, and then some rather unkind words came to my attention. What they were and who they were from were not important per sé, but the general source got me thinking about the difference between the Chiv, and those who would be worthy of the proposed Valiance Proposal.

Where it relates to all the other Peer-like qualities there is no difference. One point of contention that regularly seems to rear its ugly head is the comparison of weapon forms and judgement thereof.

That is another conversation which we have all had before but Id like to take a look from another aspect.

I think the Chiv have something right in the sense that there is an expectation that one to have master many weapon types. Whereas with the Valiance Proposal, I have heard many in discussion about those with specific weapon types being eligible.

It stands now that with the M.o.D. that there is one main weapon type. Im sure Ill be corrected, and that I am betraying my ignorance of the martial activity. It seems to me that there is a wide variety of weapons in ‘heavy’ fighting. So it stands with the Valiance community there are a wide variety of weapon forms.

Might it stand to reason then, that a candidate be expected to be a master of all the weapon forms as well? Held to the same standard in a respect?

To me this makes sense. That a well rounded candidate not only betray the PLQs but be aware and active enough in the community, dedicated enough, that they have taken the time to master the arts. Spread the learning, and by doing have spread knowledge and hopefully exposed others.

What do you all think? Is there value in mastering all weapon forms of the Valiance?

Should one master all weapon forms to be eligible for elevation?

  • Doesn't matter (54%, 14 Votes)
  • Perhaps several types (42%, 11 Votes)
  • Yes it makes sense (4%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 26

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On a side note friends, stay positive. There are always those who will try to bring others down, detract others through spite, ignorance, and sometimes even out of good intention.

Never fall for it, be the light and spread the good word. Be good to each other and keep being the best you can be.

Combat Archer – Master of Blades

Daggers being tossed during the Missile Weapon Tourney
Daggers being tossed during the Missile Weapon Tourney

Usually when Im sitting around and a thought strikes me its something like, “Man, I gotta pee…” The other day though, I had a fun idea.

For some time Ive been trying to promote thrown weapons of the field of combat (Missile Weapon Tourneys). In reading of the Marshals Handbook something stood out…

“A combat archer may carry and use shield or pavise; however, as long as they are carrying it, they cannot span nor fire their weapon.”*

Of course when I remembered the passage in my head it was verbatim. Of course it was!

What is to prevent a combat archer from carrying a shield with a bag of throwing daggers or axes? So in this way if there are two combat archers working together, the one carrying the shield can act as a wall to protect the bowman. There are many ways it can play out and all affected by the specific scenario and terrain.

But this sounds like a fun idea. Not only does it afford a CA to play with a shield, but hucking pointy sticks at a rapid pace sounds amazing to me!

Im gonna have to try this at Spring Fling I think, what are your thoughts on the idea? Viability? Fun Factor?