Tracking Martial Participation

Tracking Martial Activities: Getting number we can track. We have set up an online event/practice tracking form to help marshals develop a better sense of how many participants we have in all martial activities. The event/practice tracking tool entry form can be found here ( If you wish to view the data that has been collected … Continue reading Tracking Martial Participation

Informal Polling Results

Friends at the time of writing, below are the results of the informal polling. I think it is safe to say that there is consensus on sharing participation. There is certainly room for discussion here. What is next? As it stands now we have a way to enter participants. Either by adding them to an active … Continue reading Informal Polling Results

Post Pennsic Valiance Meeting Wrap Up

In Attendance: Edward of thorn, Baron Edward harbinger, Maria donald, Mistress arwenna of kelzey, Glynnis gwynneth, Fergus, and Cameron de Grey More wanted to come, but could not because of conflicts. We can, and should be organizing these meetings when and where we can. The more people we can get discussing the issues, and successes, the … Continue reading Post Pennsic Valiance Meeting Wrap Up

Informal Poll – Participation in Martial Activities

Hello friends, In the interest of gauging participation in martial activity Society wide, focusing on non-rattan and non-rapier activities. I created a small poll with eight short questions. This should take no longer than 3 minutes. I thank you in advance for your participation! This is an informal poll. It is not directed, or endorsed by … Continue reading Informal Poll – Participation in Martial Activities