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This is intended to be an independent hub for the Peerage that will not require a signup and be open to the public. All posts regarding the Peerage should have the tag #omnibus. If you wish to participate as an editor, writer, or any other capacity including adding yourself as a contact, please contact the mayor of the blog.


Upcoming Wars

Wars Page – SCA

  • Lilies War (takes place in June, in the Kingdom of Calontir)
  • Pennsic War (takes place in July/August, in the Kingdom of Æthelmearc)
  • Battlemoor (takes place in August/September, in the Kingdom of the Outlands)
  • Great Western War (takes place October, in the Kingdom of Caid)

Links & Resources

Missile Combat Tourney

Valiance Proposal

Martial Peerage – Facebook

Grey Goose Treaty (Atlantia Page)

Upcoming BoD Meetings

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October 28, 2017
Kingdom of the Outlands
Hilton Santa Fe / Historic Plaza
100 Sandoval Street
Sante Fe, NM 87501

January 27, 2018
Kingdom of the West
Mt. Olive Lutheran Church
1989 East Calaveras Blvd.
Milpitas, CA 95035

April 21, 2018
Kingdom of Drachenwald
Hilton – London Kensington
179-199 Holland Park Avenue
London, En W11 4UL

July 14, 2018
Kingdom of the West
Mt. Olive Lutheran Church
1989 East Calaveras Blvd.
Milpitas, CA 95035

October 20, 2018
Kingdom of Gleann Abhann
Royal Sonesta New Orleans
300 Bourbon Street
New Orleans, LA 70130

Steering Committee Chairperson
Theresa Williams (Duchess Tessa the Huntress, OP), Kingdom of Æthelmearc
Order of the Quiver (Trimaris), Order of the Yew Bow (Atlantia),
Order of the Rose (Æthelmearc), Order of the Golden Alce (Æthelmearc)

Steering Committee Members
Phoebe Sharp (Mistress Ysabeau Tiercelin, OP, OL), Kingdom of Æthelmearc
Dave Peters, Ph. D. (Magister Arion the Wanderer, OL, OGGS), Kingdom of An Tir
Deedee Cole (Dame Dealla Cohen, OP), Kingdom of Atlantia
Charles Kane (Duke Ragnarr Blackhammer, OC), Kingdom of Atlantia
James Prescott (Thorvald Grimsson, OP, OL, OGGS), future Kingdom of Avacal
Tiffany Parrett (Baroness Eowyth Þa Siðend), Kingdom of Calontir
Duane Wilkey (Viscount Alexander Caitnmes, KSCA, OP, OL, OC), Kingdom of Calontir
Richard Monroe (Master Li Kung Lo, OP, Grand Master Bowman), Kingdom of the East
Gregory J. Regnier (Baron Ryan Mac Whyte, OP, Sagittarius), Kingdom of the East
Amber Everson (THL Helene of Navarre), Kingdom of Glean Abhann
Alice Balnaves-Knyvette (Baroness Alesia du Cheval Blanc), Kingdom of Lochac
Jim Hawkins (Master Seamus Corrigan, OP), Kingdom of Meridies
Sam Davis (Duke Thomas Blackmoore, KSCA), Kingdom of Meridies
Dirk Hermance (Master Dirk Edward of Frisia, OP), Kingdom of the Middle
Paul W. Van Dyke (Master Jean Paul Pierrepont, OP, OL), Kingdom of the Middle
John Schiffermuller (Baron Iain Fhearghuis, former Society CA Marshal), Kingdom of
Jill Leggett (Duchess Bryndis Hrafnhausse Order of the Rose), Kingdom of Trimaris
John Edgerton (Sir Jon Fitz Rauf, OP, OL, RMC), Kingdom of the West
Consulting Contributor
Linda Tsubaki, MPPA, Ph. D. Candidate (Sayako Enoki), Kingdom of An Tir

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