Custom SCA Silk Banners and Standards for Sale

Image Courtesy of Amanda Michaels
Image Courtesy of Amanda Michaels

Get a banner/standard for your next event. The SCA has many people willing to make one for you. Their contact info is below. You would get a price from them individually.

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Below you will find a list of people who will gladly assist you with your projects!
(Top line is their Facebook name.)

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* Ana de la Sera / Whitney Davidson
Kingdom of An Tir

* Alexandria DK / Laura Alex McCoy
Kingdom of An Tir

*Amanda Michaels
Kingdom of Atenveldt
Windy Valley Fine Arts

*Barbara Ebel
Kingdom of the West
Specializes in simple styles of standards/banners

* Christina Crowell
(SCA Name: Petrona da Manciano)
Kingdom of the Middle
Petrona’s Silks:

* Deahe L. Ryan
Kingdom of Gleann Abhann

* Deunan Shiruba Berkeley
(SCA Name: Adriana the Fierce)
Kingdom of An Tir – (there is ‘Contact’ info on here)

Lady Amira of Raven’s Cove
(Tammy Brewer Mullins)
Kingdom of Atlantia

* Dorothea Mqueyn
Kingdom of Atenveldt

* Dwen Andersdottir
Kingdom of the Outlands

* Jac Cordray
(SCA Name: Jacquette d’Anjou)   (PM for prices)
Kingdom of Gleann Abhann

* Kathy Paulson
(SCA Name: Kathryn Onora)
Kingdom of the West

*Lana Tessler
(SCA Name: Milesenda de Bourges)  (PM for prices)
Kingdom of Trimaris
Phoenix Rising Studios:

* Liz Coltom
(SCA Name: Countess Luce Tolle)
Kingdom of Northshield
Countess Luce’s Neat Stuff of Usefulness: Beads, Banners, and other stuff:

* Rachel Scheffler
(SCA Name: Baroness Epona Brodin)  (PM for prices)
Kingdom of the Middle

* Raymond J. Hindle
(SCA Name: Viscount Syr Raim)   (PM for prices)
He can do long 20+ ft. banners, and of course, other lengths.
Kingdom of Meridies

* Robear de Perceval
(SCA Name: Robear de Perceval)  (PM for prices)
Pictures of his work is on his FB page.
Kingdom of the West

* Shannon Jimenez
(SCA Name: Baroness Master Rebecca Mary Robynson)   (PM for prices)
Kingdom of Caid

* Sof’ia Stepanova doch’
Kingdom of the West

* Baroness Veronique de Viennois )
Kingdom of Caid


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