What’s in your Target Archery Marshal Kit?

When preparing for an event as a Target Archery Marshal, I always seem to forget something. Even when I’m acting as Combat Archery Marshal, but thats for another day! I was recently teaching a class when it struck me that we, as marshals, always brag about all the junk we have in our kits, but … Continue reading What’s in your Target Archery Marshal Kit?

Order Inclusions – The Case for Sharing a Seat at the Table

Friends it is the case that many groups work in a vacuum. That may for technical, safety, or any number of reasons. However decisions have been made in the past about how well some things do fit together, or whether they fit together ‘well enough’. Take the case of the Laurel. Arts can, and do, vary … Continue reading Order Inclusions – The Case for Sharing a Seat at the Table

Thinking outside the (IKCAC) box

With a recent refresh of the rules for a new 2019 (and future) seasons, an interesting idea was put forward by a friend in An Tir… During the distance, and close range, there is no issue, you can set up multiple targets (30 and 10 yds) and simply switch targets. The interesting part comes in … Continue reading Thinking outside the (IKCAC) box

Tracking Martial Participation

Tracking Martial Activities: Getting number we can track. We have set up an online event/practice tracking form to help marshals develop a better sense of how many participants we have in all martial activities. The event/practice tracking tool entry form can be found here (http://bit.ly/martial-event-report-form). If you wish to view the data that has been collected … Continue reading Tracking Martial Participation