Tracking Martial Participation

Tracking Martial Activities: Getting number we can track.

We have set up an online event/practice tracking form to help marshals develop a better sense of how many participants we have in all martial activities. The event/practice tracking tool entry form can be found here (

If you wish to view the data that has been collected you can access the form here.

This form is not intended as a replacement for recording scores, etc, but simply an additional tool for tracking overall participation.

What are the potential benefits?
Numbers! Many people show up at practices and events, but we don’t always know how many. If we start tracking and gauging, our marshals and staff can make more informed decisions about creating space for that martial activity. We can track year over year growth or shrinkage. Are people migrating from one martial activity to another? Picking up a second or third? Is there a new activity that needs local group support due to growth?
Autocrats (or event stewards) can benefit. We can take numbers to autocrats and make a case as to expected numbers, and space requirements. In some cases there may not be a drive to have a particular activity. One can make the case that a budding group needs to promote a martial skill because there are a few participants, but could grow if assisted. The more we talk to autocrats and communities, the better we represent our communities, and the staff recognize and respect same.
We can map and gauge activities across the known world. Is there thrown weapons in Lochac? Darts in Artemisia? If not, why not? Are there emissaries in one Kingdom that can reach out and assist another? In this way we hope it will open lines of communications across sympathetic disciplines.

What will it require from marshals and staff?
Each event or practice might require a sign in sheet.
At the end of each practice or event, the number of participants will need to be entered into the form. It need not be done on site, but perhaps as a post event wrap up.
If there is a Royal Round, or other kind of competition,  the scores would need to be entered into their respective existing form(s). In many areas, sign in sheets are a standard, we are simply looking to spread the standard, and add basic reporting. Yes this creates slightly more ‘paperwork’. We think the amount of work is minimal compared to the potential benefits, but the final decision of course, is yours, and your groups.

The scores site has a form for tracking participation, but it requires each individual to be entered, this is an attempt to simplify that aggregation.

What we hope to achieve is to allow the Society, and martial activities to see across the known world, in one place, who is doing what, and where. We deeply believe in the benefits. Adopting this initiative can have substantive effect numbers to reflect on, and share. By tracking, we can make informed decisions, and better promote the things we love.

Please comment and share!

Valiance Steering Committees – Call to Action

Friends the idea was brought up regarding organizing the cats in the martial peerage group, and other interested parties. To that end, there is a concept of a ‘steering committee’ for lack of a better term. Please refer to the linked google sheet below. This is a self selecting process. If you wish to be a person of contact for your Group/Kingdom, let us know. This will allow people who are not in your Kingdom, not familiar with your officers, etc to make meaningful contact with those who are willing and able.

valiance supporters unite!

What is the job?

Propose ideas that we can share. Promote the ideas, activities, initiatives, what worked for you, methods of communication, news, etc.

We can network and share ideas. Once we have some concepts on board, we can then promote these ideas to members of the steering committees for each Kingdom for dissemination in a way that may best fit the Group/Kingdom the steering members see fit.

These are not gatekeepers of information. Nothing would nee to be ‘run by’ these volunteers. They dont have veto powers or the right to dictate anything. They are merely conduits in which to promote aforementioned.

Simply put, these are people that are willing to help others promote the peerage in what ways they can.

Hopefully there will be constructive feedback as well.

In my own inimitable way Im pushing forward without heed to the consequences, but in a world where even the members here wax and wane, if we can create a system that helps keep us engaged, and gives us actual goals to aspire to, perhaps we can more quickly get on the same boat.

Please review the Steering Committee planning spreadsheet here:
click this link

To submit your ideas:
click this link

To sign up to be on the Steering Committee:
click this link

Constructive criticism welcome! If you wish to be an editor of the document:

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Have you participated in the SSAC?

Examples of 'Slots', and 'Lucky Target'
Examples of ‘Slots’, and ‘Lucky Target’

One’s first question may be, what the heck is an SSAC?

The Society Seasonal Archery Challenge, SSAC for short, is to provide more unique and continuously changing shoots which are still standardized such at every archer SCA wide is shooting the same competitions, for one season at a time. This idea was inspired by Atlantia”s Seasonal Challenge. The competition is sponsored by the Quivers & Quarrels, the SCA Archery Community.

What makes this ever-changing, ongoing shoot so much fun is the departure from the norm. You may live somewhere where the targets you always see are Royal Rounds, not that there is anything wrong with that, but if you are looking for more diversity (or just something different), this is a ‘low barrier to entry’ option.

The targets are generally easy to construct, or simply add different rules to existing targets. Some shoots, like the slots pictured above, can rely on a ‘mask’ in front of a standard or period target. Once you look at the sheer variety of shoots, it’s easy to see how this can be, and is a fun competition.

Some of the shoots are based on period shoots as well. Look into the descriptions and conversations around them.

At the time of writing, the shoot is ‘Lucky Target‘. For this one I had previously printed out targets at my local copy shop ‘MinuteMan Press’ and they were relatively cheap. As far as construction, and have some 3M spray adhesive and grabbed some random cardboard laying about. Sandwiched/laminated the paper target to the cardboard, and now this target can be pinned to any royal round or standard backer. Don’t have pins? Grab some wire hangers, clip them into two to four 4-6″ lengths. Twist one end into a ball with pliers, voila! For about $1.00-2.50 per target you will be bringing a whole new dynamic to your practice or event!

Share this great event far and wide and if you think you have a great idea, you can share it! Simply e-mail Sir Jon and let him know!