Why that last event really sucked, and how we make it better.

What’s the problem!?

We have all been to an event that wasn’t quite what we had hoped it would be. Where certain elements or activities that you thought were given, were missing. it takes a village to make an event amazing!

There are many reasons this could be, but Id like to focus on a few:


Sometimes an activity can’t happen because Nobody showed up. How many of you have seen a post or email asking for volunteers or staff? Did you respond? How often? Sometimes it can be easy to rest on your laurels (or pelicans in this case) and say you’ve done it before. But every event needs warm bodies. The more warm bodies, in many cases, makes the lift rediculously light! Take archery marshaling: 10 marshals in one day reduces a days archery to 2 hour shifts in many cases. Better that than 4 with four hour shifts! But you dont have to be a marshal! Perhaps you can help with set up and tear down, keeping score, etc! This situation can be overlaid on any other activity. You dont have to be authorized heavy to water-bear!


Maybe there just isnt room. Take equestrian for example, not every site can support it. But are there crossover activities? Has anyone reached out to that community to see what else might fit their needs? An A&S class on making bridles etc? Think out of the box, and lets try to keep everyone engaged as much as possible. There can’t be combat archery? Then what about an IKCAC target at the range?


Response gauges interest. Letting organizers know someone gives a crap, can help them energize or stay on task. If someone plans the best thing ever, and nobody cares but the crickets, why devote time and energy!?

Talk to you staff, especially the autocrat. Every autocrat always wants their event to be a success.   Motive isnt important, they ALL want success! Did you say ‘hi!’ To your’s? Did you tell them what you’d like to have? With enough notice to get it done? Did you talk to your community of interest? Is anyone organizing the event you want? Can you? Talk to your Barony as well, there is always room for more right!?

Dont necessarily take ‘no’ for an answer! Depending on who you talk to you can actually meet active resistance to the community you care about! I’ve personally heard several times statements to the effect of, “Great, combat archers!” Guess what, we are here to have fun as well. But the same goes with ALL our groups! Explore every option and make sure you are doing your best to make it happen, and that it is appropriate .  When an activity was publicized did you respond at all? RSVP? Send a ‘tahnk you for doing this’ message?


Personally this doesnt happen much to me. Most events I go to, Ive loved. We all want to attend events and make each one memorable. It takes all of us to make that happen.  Don’t complain about what went wrong, do your personal best to make it right!

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