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Greetings friends! It been a while since we had a gathering and discussed the proposal. This year at War of the Wings we took a minute! The timing was not as optimal as it could have been, and I know it was on people’s radars, but next time, come and chat!

The discussion revolved mostly around the basics of, ‘What is the Omnibus Peerage?’ I tis important to go over the basics from time to time.

The Valiance Proposal is to the martial community, what the Laurel is to the arts and sciences community.

Let’s dive in to a couple of the questions that were discussed…

Q: What do those who would be members of the Peerage call themselves?

A: The Order of Valiance was chosen by a ranked popular vote in the “Martial Peerage” Facebook group. The name “Valiance” is a place holder until the college of Arms would approve a name. At the time of writing, there is no title such as, “Laurel”.

Q: Who is allowed to hold discussions or promote the Proposal?

A: There are no restrictions. It would benefit you to reach out to the community  to promote the meeting or action, generate buy-in, and spread the word. It would also help someone looking to host something like a meeting, or promote an event, to consider your own bias and affect to the space around you. One could sum this up by saying, ‘Be visible, not bold’ Be inclusive and empathetic, listen to contradictory voices. Try to understand opposing points of view or variations on thinking. When you are considerate, you may expect same consideration in kind.

As it relates to being visible… Make sure martial events are happening with regularity, opening avenues for discovery and inclusion. Make sure we as a community are talking to autocrats, event planners, and local groups about how we can better integrate and be more visible. More here. We can’t wait for our passion to be represented, we need to wear it proudly and share! Ask me about favors you can wear and share!

Sponsor events, share info, talk about the values and virtues of honoring those who are peers as peers for who they are and what they do. Read the proposal! Be ready to answer questions and help people understand why it is so important.

Though you and I may not expect to be among those so honored to be a Peer, we must all exemplify the ideal of the Peerage and the Dream. Meanwhile let us support those who are worthy, and deserving!

Discussed the culture and inclusiveness. I’ll link to previous posts (2018, 2016) so you can read what was shared.

There are many ways to show your support, please learn, share, and actively support the inclusion of the remaining segments of our Society actively precluded for bing recognized for exactly who and what they are.

Support the Valiance Proposal!


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