What’s in your Target Archery Marshal Kit?

When preparing for an event as a Target Archery Marshal, I always seem to forget something. Even when I’m acting as Combat Archery Marshal, but thats for another day!

I was recently teaching a class when it struck me that we, as marshals, always brag about all the junk we have in our kits, but don’t really share this info with the world at large. Let’s be honest, nobody wants to hear a marshal drone about their bow scales, am I right?

But in this situation, I am going to do just that! Im going to lay out what I have in my kit, what is and isn’t essential, and what might be good to have! Now, be prepared… my list assumes space. I have a trailer so this is easier for me, your mileage may vary. Keep in mind this list does not relate to Society/Kingdom law, its my personal kit, and rules!

Here goes!

essential item
 yes  Paper and pencils – for sign in, notes, scores, etc
 yes  stickers – for inspections, etc
 no  gloves – every good worker has ’em
 yes  hammer and stakes – those range lines wont hold themselves
 yes  50′ – 100′ measuring tape – we need to measure distances
 yes  twine or natural string – marking lanes, lines
 no  bow stringer – variety if possible
 no  loaner gear* – gloves, bows, etc
 no  ground quivers – plant stakes, tubes, etc
 maybe  day shade
 maybe  IKCAC target and gear
 yes  Royal Round targets
 maybe  ground targets
 yes  prizes for shoots **
 yes  range rules – physical or electronic
 no  atl atl target – whether FITA or hay bails
 yes  appropriate space for the shoot
 definitely  positive mental attitude and willingness to help

This is pretty off the cuff, if you have suggestions, please leave a comment!

* Now,  loaner gear I think is a whole additional post, there is quite a lot to discuss there.
** this is a completely separate topic as well

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