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Thinking about the the call for commentary from the B.o.D. I had this running around my head, and then some rather unkind words came to my attention. What they were and who they were from were not important per sé, but the general source got me thinking about the difference between the Chiv, and those who would be worthy of the proposed Valiance Proposal.

Where it relates to all the other Peer-like qualities there is no difference. One point of contention that regularly seems to rear its ugly head is the comparison of weapon forms and judgement thereof.

That is another conversation which we have all had before but Id like to take a look from another aspect.

I think the Chiv have something right in the sense that there is an expectation that one to have master many weapon types. Whereas with the Valiance Proposal, I have heard many in discussion about those with specific weapon types being eligible.

It stands now that with the M.o.D. that there is one main weapon type. Im sure Ill be corrected, and that I am betraying my ignorance of the martial activity. It seems to me that there is a wide variety of weapons in ‘heavy’ fighting. So it stands with the Valiance community there are a wide variety of weapon forms.

Might it stand to reason then, that a candidate be expected to be a master of all the weapon forms as well? Held to the same standard in a respect?

To me this makes sense. That a well rounded candidate not only betray the PLQs but be aware and active enough in the community, dedicated enough, that they have taken the time to master the arts. Spread the learning, and by doing have spread knowledge and hopefully exposed others.

What do you all think? Is there value in mastering all weapon forms of the Valiance?

Should one master all weapon forms to be eligible for elevation?

  • Doesn't matter (54%, 14 Votes)
  • Perhaps several types (42%, 11 Votes)
  • Yes it makes sense (4%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 26

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On a side note friends, stay positive. There are always those who will try to bring others down, detract others through spite, ignorance, and sometimes even out of good intention.

Never fall for it, be the light and spread the good word. Be good to each other and keep being the best you can be.

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3 thoughts on “Master of All, Master of None – Valiance Virtues”

  1. being competent with several weapons types, maybe. I don’t know enough about the Chiv to be able to say whether all the knights are A: conversant/competent with all their available weapon types, I’m sure each has a preferred form, be it sword and board, axe, spear or polearm, mace, etc. is several more than 2- I am competent with crossbow when I choose to shoot it, and well versed with period bow, I will not ever shoot Open/Modern Recurve/Longbow for philososphical reasons to do with historicity,(though of course historicity often has naught to do with SCA..) should one be all rounded, and be competent with atlatl and thrown weapons as well? what if you only now shoot crossbow because your rotator cuffs are shot and TW is right out thereby? as you note, MoD requires only one weapon, so Maybe the Omnibus would be similar. for EQ, I would think they must use lance or bow, otherwise they are just riding a horse.

  2. Just as a Laurel is not expected to master all of the arts nor a Pelican be proficient in every service form, nor a member of the chiv be a “master” of every weapons form (mastery of one or two and proficiency in the rest is expected). So to order of Valiance should not demand a mastery of all the rest of the weapons not already included in Chiv/MoD orders. And if i recall it correctly one of the points of a potential new Order is to allow for the addition of any new weapons/styles of making war that may eventually come along.

  3. The Master of All could make it a “No Go” for the BoD. What you are asking is for someone to be a master of Target Archery, Combat Archery, Live Weapons, Siege, and Equestrian. Not even the Laurels are masters of all the arts they cover. In fact at A&S contest they find Laurels who have knowledge in a particular art to be the judge of that art. They only go to other Laurels when they have no experts at all to judge a particular category at that contest.

    Myself I would never qualify for the Valiance, as I would never be a master of Equestrian. The only mastery I have is Combat Archery out of all the areas the Valiance will cover to start with While Target Archery & Live Weapons I am a Marshal, but my level of proficiency at them is far from mastery of them. Any other activities that are added as time goes by, will only make it harder for new members to be elevated. As they will have to be master of even more areas.

    Yes you need to have mastery in the area you are best at, and to teach that form to others wanting to learn. I would agree that one should at least know what the other areas are and who are the people to go and ask to learn them from. As we move forward, we should look towards the Laurels on how they deal with many different art forms, and with no members a master of all the forms.

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