Throwing Daggers for Combat Archery

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In case you were wondering how to make a throwing dagger for Combat Archery, here is tutorial for you!

First you will need some supplies:

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1. You need to get shafting material and cut it to length. I prefer rattan for this, but you can also use double walled siloflex as described in the Marshals Handbook. One tube fits inside the other. Cut to about 10-11″ lengths. I find this is ideal for heft and handling.

2. Once you have the lengths use the actual circumference of your shaft for a template on your closed cell foam padding. Here I’m using 1/4″.

3. For each end I have cut 5 pieces. For each dagger you will need a minimum of 10 discs.

4. Grab you strapping tape. I generally use 1″ tape but I also have 1/2″ and 1/4″. You can use the 1″ tape and split it though to achieve the same effects.

5. Cut a sheath for the caps. This is the side wrap that will hold the discs together and join it all together. In this case about 6 1/2″ but this may vary slightly based in the circumference of your shaft. Be prepared to make custom cuts for each one.

6. Wrap the sheath around the discs and shaft. This is the fidgety part. Use three pieces of tape and attempt the butt the ends of the wrapping together as best you can to achieve an uninterrupted tube of padding.

7. The cap should be flat on the end. Uniform. An alternate method is to cut two long strips and criss-cross them over the top and strap them down. Given the amount of tape involved and how it ‘locks’ together, I see no concern.

8. Completely wrap around the sides so there is no exposed foam.

9. Criss-cross strapping tape over the top. The tape should extend past the foam sheath at least two inches. This will allow other taping to better secure the dagger padding.

10. Add strapping tape at least once around the shaft just below the sheath.

11. Add strapping tape along the shaft. In this case I used 7 pieces overlapped at least 1/4″. Your mileage may vary. The shafting tape should completely cover from sheath to sheath. No exposed rattan.

12. Repeat step 10.

13. Now it’s time to get yer groove on. Do you have colors in your device, Barony, or household you want to use? Skies the limit here with one exception: Or (yellow). If I remember correctly ammo cannot be covered with more than 15-20% Or. Im not sure by the letter of the rules if this applies to daggers, but I wouldn’t risk it. Keep it to a minimum to be safe.

14. Add strips of tape across the end caps. The tape should extend at least halfway down the sheath. Further is even ‘more gooder’. Feel free to make designs here. The electrical tape is as much for looks as for good measure.

15. Now side wrap with tape. I usually go from the end towards the middle. Wrapping around while keeping the tape taut. Add any decorative taping you wish but try to avoid smaller strips. You want to decrease any chance a flap of tape is hanging off.

16. Do not forget to add your label! Name and Kingdom. I prefer a strip of clear packing tape about 1 1/2″ wide and able to wrap the shaft twice. This allows the label to be seen clearly. Last but not least, enjoy your new throwing daggers!

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