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Three Pillars – The Competition for all of us

The Basics

When traveling for the last few years to An Tir for Egil’s Tourney, they run a competition that is fantastic and embodies the spirit of the Society. It is run over a few days and people prep before the event to participate in certain aspects.

The competition is rich in history, and is thematic of the region. It’s a great idea that deserves to be shared and outside a little planning has a very low barrier to entry!

A Short History

In A.S. XXV (1990), for Egil’s Tourney XVII**, Master Gerek the Far-Seeing and Mistress Chimene de CinqTours designed the Ithrotir Competition to give our Norse population an opportunity to display the various skills that were appropriate for a well-rounded Norse man or woman. It included eight individual competitions: Fot (Costuming); Smid (Decorated Useful Object); Brugg (Brewing); Skaldspar (Poetry); Tafl (Board Games); Spojtsskot (Spear Throwing); Boggaskot (Bow Shooting); Glima (Wrestling)

Eighteen years later, in A.S. XL (2008), for Egil’s Tourney XXXIV, Magistra Marian Staarveld and Magistra Raven qara Ton adapted the Ithrotir format to create the Three Pillars Competition which was designed to showcase the skills of the three pillars of the SCA: Service, Arts & Sciences, and Martial Arts. The overall winner would exemplify the well-rounded SCAdian.

View the Draft Document here

Supporting files

Three Pillars Passport Documentation Judging
Three Pillars Events Three Pillars
Three Pillars Bardic Judging Three Pillars Beer Brewing Judging
Three Pillars Scribal Three Pillars Overall Info
Three Pillars Dec Useful Object Three Pillars Costuming Judging

Special thanks to Pam Perryman for supporting documents and helping me get the word out! Please note I am only sharing this info and take no credit for the competition.

Thats a wrap! IKCAC 2019 was a success for all!

What a year!

We had a wonderful season. Not only did we make the shoot more accessible by the known world, many more participated in the shoot! We had 28 participants in 2019! Compare that for example to 2017 and 2018 where we had 5!

Plywood IKCAC Target Example

Success is measured in the result of many people’s efforts. I think this is due to the great people, their curiosity and dedication. The marshals who were willing to set up and run this shoot. Lochac had previously felt unable to participate, the rules have been re-written and better clarified to ensure access to all Groups and Kingdoms. I’m proud that the shoot is easier to set up, score AND goes much more quickly to get more involved!

Whats next?

We will continue to make this fun and approachable for all who wish to participate! A new IKCAC season is upon us, so prepare the targets and bows, and get shooting! Let’s get even more people this year!

Now for the part you have all waited for, the results of the 2019 IKCAC challenge!

Division Participant Location Score
Crossbow Necis of Danzig Darkwater, Trimaris 104.0
Handbow Ulric of Ambledune Politarchopolis, Lochac 90.0
Youth Judith O`dea Starhaven, Trimaris 50.0

Scores Page

Combat Bolts – Hammering it Home

A quick missive regarding bolt construction. I recently had an issue where I simply could not hammer the shaft in to the Fathead deep enough. It turns out the spec has changed from the Fathead, to the Fathead 2 (at the time of writing, provisionally approved).

From Northstar:

Please see the attached instructions.  If you would like to read them without a magnifying glass please see the “Knowledge Center” on the

The Fathead-2 Blunts need a mark on the shaft at 3/4″.



In an attempt to spare the fiberglass shaft from getting destroyed in the process, I devised a method for protecting the shaft during the seating process. See attached images for details.

The first is using lamp parts. a coupling threaded extension and some cap pieces. There is a variety of pieces so you only need go to a hardware store and find a combo that works.

The second is using a threaded coupling nut. I think this is 1/8″ inch inside diameter. Pictured are two versions: one uses a molded plastic handle (perhaps for using a rubber mallet), the other is simply a screw that can take the beating of a metal hammer.

various pieces used to protect the shaft
various pieces used to protect the shaft
pieces used for protecting shown on shaft
pieces used for protecting shown on shaft

*edited to replace instances of Balder to Fathead

The Lady and Her Dow’ry – A Song

I wrote a song based on period scripts in the 14th c. Using existing meter I created this song to use in a Bawdy Bardic competition in Adiantum, An Tir.

Now the contest is over, I can share!


Just outside of Florence, among the grassy knolls
There lived a handsome maiden, who story must be told.

all her friends were married off to husband, and with child,
her age was catching up with her, her instincts running wild.

Her father raised a dowry, to marry her away
his stable though was barren, save the donkey in the hay

the air was dank, the beast he stank, desperate for a ride
resolved herself and jumped on back his patchy mangy hide

The lord spied the lady coming down the dusty road,
Bade the doorman turn away the donkey and its load.

For when it comes to dowries, tell ev’ry lovely lass,
You never will get pregnant if you take it in the ass.