A new season of the IKCAC is here!

Friends, with a new year brings great promise: to fling more arrows and bolts into a shiny new IKCAC target!

February 1st is the beginning of the new season, so get your targets made and dust those arrows and bolts off! Get them in before December 1st though!

The rules, and target have been reimagined to make the shoot easier, and target easier to construct and set up!

Its as close as you can get to the battlefield without a fighter card!

So what has changed?!

We have added a youth division so our younger friends can compete across the Kingdoms!

We are splitting the adults into two divisions: hand-bow and crossbow.

Plywood Target Example PVC Target ExampleThe target is basically two rectangles. This will make it easier to build! The construction method and materials doesn’t matter, as long as the size is correct and the scores can be easily recorded. But have no fear, if you have the ‘old’ target, you can continue to use it through the 2019 season! We appreciate people may have made on or still have one (as I do!).

The scoring system has been simplified. Now just keep your tally and the math is super easy: 2 or 4 points per.

The IKCAC now lives on it own section on the scores site!

So what does this all mean? The shoot is far more approachable now! We hope to bring you a shoot that is fun, opens doors, and fosters inclusion.

Talk to your local marshals, ask them to include the IKCAC at events and practices! It is a lot easier, and fun to do!

Get out there and get shooting!

Your Faithful Servant and Score-keeper – Cameron de Grey

Working on the front line – Communication is key

There you are on the front line and you hear a [KA-CHUNK] right by your ear hole. What you didn’t know is that there is an archer right above your shoulder taking opponents out.

Let them know you're there! Support tactics and communication
Let them know you’re there! Support tactics and communication

Communication is key for several reasons. After a recent event where we ran through exercises and discussed tactics, one thing was very clearly important: communication.

This can be as simple as alerting the line you are advancing up. The trifecta of death IMO is 1,2,3 (1 being the front): Shield (sword and board), Polearm, and Archer. But in this case the Polearm and Archer can be interchangeable. Lets go with the One-Two punch. Shield and Archer.

As you advance to the line let your shield/line know you’re there. They have one job and that is to stay alive, but if they know you’re there they can try to keep you alive as well. Deflecting opponent archers and poles.

Additionally if there happens to be an opponent on the line that is particularly hard to deal with, such as a Knight, Commander, or Crown, they can call out, and thereby give you leave to take them out.

A big part of teamwork is knowing what assets are in play and how to best utilize them. If your team knows an archer is there to help it can make their job easier. Just as when a shield dies, and ‘fill in!’ is called.

We all have our jobs: communicate effectively, and thereby win.

Satisfaction to your face!

Greetings friends!

maces and daggers
maces and daggers

What gives you the most satisfaction when causing the death of a fellow armored combatant on the field? I love shooting someone square in the grill. Its nice when my skills and the opportunity affords the sweet shot. But those seasoned veterans wielding a sword and board are very good at covering up their noggin, which makes the sweet shot even more glorious!

So what is your weapon of choice? I know it is impractical to carry an arm load of throwing maces on the field, but have you taken someone out with one? A clean shot with a siege engine? Throwing dagger to the face?

What makes you smile?

  • Crossbow Bolt (33%, 1 Votes)
  • Mace (33%, 1 Votes)
  • Javelin (33%, 1 Votes)
  • Other (comment with your weapon!) (33%, 1 Votes)
  • Arrow (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Dagger (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Siege (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 3

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This was stuck in my head while writing this post

Missile Combat Tourney was a success!

Recently at War of the Wings (an event in Atlantia) we held a Missile Combat Tourney. We had only two participants but they had fun!

This was the Speed Round (aka Iron Gauntlet) variant of the Tourney. Here’s the deal with this specific Tourney’s set up…

There is a lane that both combatants must stay in, about 12′ wide by around 40 yards long. There is a line dividing the lane into halves. Neither combatant may pass the middle line until allowed (more on that later).
speedround_layout_3When “Lay On!” is called, a randomly determined weapon is called out after. This is the weapon for the first round. The combatants must run back, collect the weapon and engage. As soon as there is a victor, another weapon at random is called out, then repeat!

Throwing maces, daggers, etc are all gleanable, so you can limit the number of them. In our case we had two of each on either side of maces and daggers. The combatants may glean from outside the bounds but may not engage.

In this scenario, one cannot pass the middle line until one minute had passed. So if one person threw all their daggers, and left the other person with all the weapons, and once the minute was up… well, you can imagine.

Yes the format isn’t new, but what is new is the ability to compete inter-Kingdom, as well as trying to homogenize the format to level the field. There are many variations that can be used, or even use your own! For the MWT its more about the participation than the actual method.  If you wish to track your scores you need only follow the basic requirements of the format. Please feel free to pass along your concepts, certainly a few have been shared and added to the draft already.

The scores site is being tested and will be live soon. The hope is that we can get our missile community engaged in something that is fun, and can be a draw like rattan tourney’s are. And more importantly, offer a path to practical armored engagement for all our martial friends.

Drop a line if you have any questions!