What passes for legal round here?

Quick missive friends,

Recently found myself at an event and a gentle who wished to have his equipment inspected brought up a bow which caught my eye immediately.

The bows stock construction was solid enough to be sure, but what caught my eye was the ‘prod’. I had never seen a prod like this. Four piece of fiberglass rod combined into one piece with copper caps and tape.

So let me do a bad thing and state my opinion right up front. This thing scares me. And without combing over the rules with a fine tooth comb, If I were MiC for CA, I wouldn’t let it on the field.

Here is where you all come in, would you? Of all the severe archery nerds friends to rules buffs, one of you must know the answer to this question.

After some discussion, I posited that if this were to fall under normal bow equivalents, I think this would be viewed as an ‘experimental weapon’ and would be treated as such.

You ready for the money shot?

A different method of crossbow construction
A different method of crossbow construction

What would you do? Please discuss and share your reasons and applied rules!

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2 thoughts on “What passes for legal round here?”

  1. A few notes to add, the gentle in question never asked to bring it on the field. As MIC for CA at the event I wouldn’t have allowed it without further investigation. (And i did use a wide tooth comb on the rules to see if the construction was legal). Additionally the Kingdom Earl Marshall, a combat archer himself, checked it out. No conclusion was drawn, photographs were sent to the DEM this morning.

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