Have you participated in the SSAC?

One’s first question may be, what the heck is an SSAC? The Society Seasonal Archery Challenge, SSAC for short, is to provide more unique and continuously changing shoots which are still standardized such at every archer SCA wide is shooting the same competitions, for one season at a time. This idea was inspired by Atlantia”s … Continue reading Have you participated in the SSAC?

WoW Science Faire is here again!

Come one come all to a good ol’ fashion’ Science Faire at War of the Wings! Dont get too serious friends, this is supposed to be fun! Can you show a process that was discovered in period? Show an invention of some kind that was in period? How dyes were made, pressed wine? It is … Continue reading WoW Science Faire is here again!

Informal Polling Results

Friends at the time of writing, below are the results of the informal polling. I think it is safe to say that there is consensus on sharing participation. There is certainly room for discussion here. What is next? As it stands now we have a way to enter participants. Either by adding them to an active … Continue reading Informal Polling Results