Finally… Prettify the Poles!

Finished Tent Poles

Step by step I’m making improvements to my camp life. There are two main reasons: To give me joy in my space, and to help immerse others in theirs.

Not much to say here, but I’ll provide some tips and info on the process.

The poles are well over 2 years old, so any warping they might do, it’s been done! If you read the grain and gauge the green-ness of them when purchasing you can reduce the chance of warping. Lightly sanded the them. Measuring out the distances so they are all consistent, made marks with pencils using a drawn reference on a bench. The bans between the two colors I scored with a razor knife to help prevent paint running along the grain. Next applied the paint using one smaller brush to get clean edges.

Let dry…

One by one drawing circles and using a small medium stiff fine brush to paint the purpure circles leaving a void of or for the cheese wedge. Using a black pen, drew in the details of the emmental cheese.

Next is the longest part, two thin coats of marine varnish. A few reasons are to protect other things in the trailer from getting color rubbed off on them, protect the walls of the tent when it is put up, to prevent black marks when stacking and unstacking, and I like smooth things!

Below are the rest of the pics along the path, enjoy!

poles_1 poles_2.1 poles_2 poles_3 poles_4 poles_5 poles_6

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