Mustards in the 15th century

Mustards of the 15th century

In September 2010, the Barony of Lochmere hosted their Baronial Birthday and Investiture. In line with the theme, France circa 1500, and the A&S display category 1420-1520 I began researching new recipes to experiment with and present as part of their A&S activities. During my research, I found one common thread in many of the recipes for meats during that time frame, mustards. I realized that mustards were a vital staple in the preparation and serving of foods in France circa 15th century. It would be an interesting A&S display to make mustards based on period recipes and spices, which are not common to the modern palate.

Medieval Sweets Creating period sweets from period recipes Circa 1450-­‐1610

Medieval Sweets documentation

In January 2011, the Barony of Lochmere hosted their Midwinter Revel. As part of the Medieval Sweets competition, I began researching new recipes to sample in order produce a “sweet” that would be favorable to a modern pallet. As a result, I was able to not only find a recipe that was appealing, but was able to find multiple recipes from different time frames within the SCA and from different regions. As a result, I created a display in similar style to those seen in late 16th century and early 17th century still life paintings.