Manchet Excerpt from A&S 50 documentation

Manchet Excerpt from A&S 50 Documentation

As part of the A&S 50 challenge, many of the items on my list were recipes that were new to me (either in technique or in ingredients used).

This is one example.

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Lisette La Roux

Lisette la Roux has been in the SCA since 1997, beginning in the Kingdom of Caid. She came to Atlantia in 2000 and is a faithful member of the Barony of Lochmere. Through out her SCA career she has held several baronial positions both organizationally and as the Baronial Rapier Champion and A&S Champion. She is an apprentice to Mistress Isobel Bedingfield and specializes in several artistic disciplines but her true love is historic culinary arts. Specifically, she wants to show that period foods can be made that appeal to the modern palette.