An A&S competition? Where do I sign up?!

“Or do you?” is the question!

When you know there is going to be a competition are secure in the knowledge you know exactly what is going on and ‘wing it’?

Do you alert the organizers that you are coming? Sign up ahead of time?

I know that some people love to compete every chance they get, while others will wait until the competition fits their expertise.

So the question is, do you announce your awesome-ness, or do you show up last minute and surprise the world?!

If there is an A&S competition, I....

  • never signed up or let people know but I like to play (100%, 1 Votes)
  • walk in like a boss at the last minute and own it! (0%, 0 Votes)
  • always make sure I alert someone Im coming (0%, 0 Votes)
  • never thought about checking in (0%, 0 Votes)
  • never knew these competitions existed (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 1

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Cameron de Grey

Archery, Combat Archery, Leatherworking, Blacksmithing, Near Eastern Music, Bardics