Pennsic is Over, Now What?!

Overlooking the lake

What’s the deal?

Its time to officially recover from Pennsic. But while the memories are still fresh in your mind: remember the arrow that was missing a point? The leather strap that broke? The throwing dagger that didn’t have enough compression?

Let’s get together and have a lil’ A&S and repair night to address some issues! If its a nice night Ill light the forge up as well. Let me know if you have projects you’d like to bring.

What to bring

Items to be repaired, materials to affect repairs, new projects, whatever.

What I have

Anvil, hammers, grommets, rivets, leather scraps, pickle barrel, jewelry making supplies, remnant cloth, stuff… just stuff… there will be some snacks and perhaps a pizza later if anyone is game.

Dancing and singing is NOT required, but a bonus.

Where and When?

Eighteen Nineteen Potomac Ave SE Washington DC 20003
Phone: two oh two three two one nine one oh two

Show up anytime between 5-11 p.m.

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