Torchlight Melee for Missile Weapons?

You bet!  This year at Highland River Melees we are proud to present “The Field of Shooting Stars“.

If you need a reason to come early on Friday, this is it. Exact times to be determined but inspections will start about an hour before sunset, and will begin around sundown.

Bring your missiles early for taping!

How will this work? Industrial strength glow tape is how. All shafts will have a charged strip of tape, as will the helms front and back.

This is intended as a missile event, but may be expanded. More details may be forthcoming. If this remains a missile only event, scores will be recorded into the missile combat tourney. This will only be run Friday night as Saturday night will surely be filled with fun and festivities.

We welcome any input, so please drop any comments below!!

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Cameron de Grey

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3 thoughts on “Torchlight Melee for Missile Weapons?”

  1. We had two people show up for the torchlight missile tourney which is pretty awesome for HRM on a Friday night! Two rounds by torchlight, then 3 in the dark with only glow strips on the helms.

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