Uncle Valiance Wants You!

The time is close. Join the movement.


Think of the martial peerage this way: Does it make sense to only offer a path of recognition in the Laurel to only those who practice weaving? Should those who make scrolls have to prove their numbers or participation before they are allowed a path to peerage? No.

When the Laurel was created, the founders through serendipity or design, created a peerage that can cover every art. Though not perfect, and not every art is technically covered, there is a path.

The ‘Valiance Propsal’ would cover all the last remaining martial groups. The last remaining groups who currently have no path to peerage recognition in the SCA.

There is no reason why certain segments of this great Society should be omitted from this path.
The time is nearing, please add your voice to doing the right thing. Even if it is only wearing the badge to show support, that is more than enough. Write a pithy letter of support to the BoD.

Join the cause because its the right thing to do. Its the most efficient and direct way to fix this glaring omission that has hurt this Society for decades.

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Cameron de Grey

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