Tuning and Scaling the Saz – Where Do I Drag The Lines?

Learning how to play the Saz (Baglama) and a little music theory at the same time. Ive started the work of determine where notes are so I can document chords, and as Im mapping out the notes of the frets, Im running into inconsistencies. Before I go much further, I want to make sure the frets are tied in the right place. In the meantime I can practice with the plectrum hand.

Check out what is mapped so far:

Are all the ‘main’ frets whole notes (tones) up and down the courses? In my case Im trying to tune a short neck baglama, open C,G,D (top, middle, bottom). The next whole step fret is D,A,E. The next one however on the lower (third course) is F, but the middle (second) course is A#, and the first is D#. The next whole step up the bottom (third) course, going from top course to bottom is F,C,G.

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* drag the line is a reference to the frets on a baglama. they are string tied frets and can be moved/adjusted up and down the neck.

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