The Lady and Her Dow’ry – A Song

I wrote a song based on period scripts in the 14th c. Using existing meter I created this song to use in a Bawdy Bardic competition in Adiantum, An Tir.

Now the contest is over, I can share!


Just outside of Florence, among the grassy knolls
There lived a handsome maiden, who story must be told.

all her friends were married off to husband, and with child,
her age was catching up with her, her instincts running wild.

Her father raised a dowry, to marry her away
his stable though was barren, save the donkey in the hay

the air was dank, the beast he stank, desperate for a ride
resolved herself and jumped on back his patchy mangy hide

The lord spied the lady coming down the dusty road,
Bade the doorman turn away the donkey and its load.

For when it comes to dowries, tell ev’ry lovely lass,
You never will get pregnant if you take it in the ass.

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Cameron de Grey

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