Internalizing Your Art and Show and Tell!

When it comes to learning new things we all have methods. When it comes to music, its drilling it into my body over and over again until I can’t stand it any longer.

I recently sorted all the songs in my playlist “SCA Songs to Learn” and was wondering: is 418 plays a lot? I added Rocky Road to Dublin Nov. 2014. As opposed to Queen of Argyll which was added Aug. 2018 with 199 plays. I find the data telling, and interesting.

A snapshot in time of my playlist
A temporal snapshot of my playlist as of Sept. 2019

What are your favorite performance pieces? Do you have recordings that you listen to? What are your numbers? Care to share your list?

Using the voice as an instrument, how do you best learn a song? Do you get the lyrics and reread them? Listen to the song repeatedly? Tap rhythms as you listen? Learn the music?  A mixture of these and/or more?

Screen shot or share your playlists!

So many other questions! For bonus points, read on…

This goes in to other areas fairly quickly. Do you only learn songs you love? Songs that you can stand listening to over and over? Stories or songs that are technically easier? Pieces that are popular? Curious about others thoughts all along the spectrum from professional bards, to people who just love to sing one song or tell one story.

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