WoW Science Faire is here again!

Come one come all to a good ol’ fashion’ Science Faire at War of the Wings!

Dont get too serious friends, this is supposed to be fun! Can you show a process that was discovered in period? Show an invention of some kind that was in period? How dyes were made, pressed wine? It is all science and technology!

This is supposed to be a lighthearted look at invention or technological advances. Think about a mundane science fair, this can be simple and fun. What you may consider pedestrian may be eye-opening. Can you display or otherwise show the process?

This will be a judged competition. Criteria subject to change. But there may be points for ‘Wowwing’ the crowd! Reserve Saturday for dropping off/setting up your entry. Drop off and pickup times TBD.

Please bring your wonderful ideas, contraptions, and inventive genius. Show the rest of the known world what the world had to offer in period! Even if you do not compete we invite you to bring anything you wish to share.

Go to the information page for more info, and SIGN UP!

If you have any questions please contact me!

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Note: You do not have to compete to share! If you simply wish to share, make sure you add that to your description or as a note!

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