Do You Want to Build a Device – FiveMinuteFilk

Recently someone threw out a challenge to filk this song and include heraldry as the topic. Ive thrown down the gauntlet!

Do you wanna build a device?
one I can legally display
I’ve submitted: fieldless or
two diamonds sable for {gesture for balls}
a crescent sable this way. {gesture for penis}

Consulting heralds used to be chummy
and now we’re not
they wont let my banner fly~

Do you wanna build a device?
an or and sable device

Go away, Anna

Okay, bye…

Do you wanna build a device?
I found more things that look like balls
heraldry texts accrue
heralds I’m talking to
stopped taking my calls-

(hang in there) {singing to self}

could’ve gone with papellony
border of compony
all these ideas just float by

Please, my submission’s in there,
Now after long last I see
through research Im trying to
find something you’d like to, just let me keep

Im submitting another
Just please look and see
What do I have to do?

Do you want to build a device?

{this denotes action if performing live}

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Cameron de Grey

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