Missile Weapons Tourney

Greetings friends,

What is a Missile Weapon Tourney?

The goal is to showcase the talent of our Combat archery, Thrown weapons, Equestrian or any other martial group in armored combat.

In many Kingdoms these activities, by virtue of safety concerns, or other reasons, end up on the periphery. This is an attempt to codify the different groups, and bring them all under one umbrella. This is not intended as a replacement or stand in for existing tournaments, rather an addition where all missile weapons can participate and overlay an inter-Kingdom scoring system.

A scoring system whereupon individuals can score in their respective groups and challenge each other in, and out of Kingdom. Combatants from all Kingdoms can register scores at the Scores Site much like the IKCAC, or IKAC system, but with all armored missile combat martial styles. This provides a ‘standard of measure’ which others can be gauged against. Something we lack in the armored missile community.

To allow these martial arts to be an attraction at events. To offer a path to armored combat as an option for those in a martial field who may not have enjoyed it yet. Generally intended for use as single combat, the scope also covers teams and mixed weapon types.

Lastly, this system can show solidarity and a spirit of togetherness. With an initiative like the Valiance Proposal in mind, this speaks to the cohesion of the community and the willingness to work together. As well as our mutual respect.

Yes there are, and have been, tournaments. This is not meant to steal any thunder, or take credit. This is an open format with no ownership. We as a missile community should be willing and able to show solidarity.

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Missile Weapon Tourney Scoresheet